Soluxe x Niko Neko Limited Blend Genmai Roast 500g


A Limited Edition Blend

Genmai Roast is the best gluten free coffee alternative made from completely caffeine free 100% pure roasted broan rice with rich and comforting flavour.


We highly recommend that this be drunk hot or warm to bring the best of its umami effect. Suitable for post-workout, especially after your evening workouts. This blend brings a natural calming effect - especially a good sweat session!


Our plant-based protein provides 19g per scoop of excellent source of digestible protein and fibre that tastes freat in shakes or on its own. 


Japan Sourced Roasted Brown Rice

Brown rice is a highly nutritious, gluten-free, low G.I. grain that contains an impreseive amount of vitamins and fibre. It is te better choice for those who are sensitive to caffeine and looking for sugar-free coffee alternatives.


Mix 1 heap spoon into 300ml - 500ml drinking water (depending on your desired consistency) or beverage of choice. Smooth and delicious when blended into smoothies or added to your favourite recipes. Enjoy during breakfast, post-workout or anytime of the day for a nutritious snack.

Do not use if seal is broken. Always seal right and keep away from light, heat and moisture. Recommended to finish within 2 months after opening. 



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