High Fibre Pea Protein 500g (Salted Chocolate)


Soluxe™ HIGH FIBRE Pea Protein (Salted Chocolate) is a 100% pure plant-based pea protein isolate with added Inulin; a natural high fibre booster to increase satiety levels, keeping you full longer.


Our unique HIGH FIBRE blend is an excellent option for busy individuals striving to lose weight and achieve a lean tone physique through high protein, low carb diet. It is also suitable as a meal replacement formula. 



Belgian Sourced Pea Protein

Soluxe™ pea protein is sourced from a leading manufacturer in Belgium. It is a highly pure pea protein isolate that provides high levels of nutrition and functionality. It boasts an exceptionally high protein content of 85%.


Belgian Sourced Inulin

Our Inulin is extracted from chicory root using a gentle process based on hot water. It supports the growth of good bacteria that are associated with improving bowel function and general health. 

Mix 1 heap spoon into 300ml - 500ml drinking water (depending on your desired consistency) or beverage of choice. Smooth and delicious when blended into smoothies or added to your favourite recipes. Enjoy during breakfast, post-workout or anytime of the day for a nutritious snack.


Do not use if seal is broken. Always seal right and keep away from light, heat and moisture. Recommended to finish within 2 months after opening. 


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